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  • Composition represents what kind of relationship

1. (TCO 3) Composition represents what kind of relationship? (Points : 2)
 has - a
 is - a
 makes - a
 None of the above

2. (TCO 4) Select the false statement regarding inheritance. (Points : 2)
 A child class can have more functionality than a parent class.
 A child class can itself be a parent class.
 Common functionality needs to be designed in the parent class.
 A parent class is usually more specific than its child class.

3. (TCO 4) Select the parent class. (Points : 2)

4. (TCO 4) Which of the following is not a good example of a hierarchy that could be modeled by inheritance? (Points : 2)
 Geometric shapes
 Prime numbers

5. (TCO 4) Which of the following examples represent(s) the “is-a” relationship in the parent/child format? (Points : 2)
 checking account/saving account
 None of the above

6. (TCO 3) Which of the following concepts support(s) system independence? (Points : 2)
 Composition and inheritance
 None of the above

7. (TCO 3) Which of the following is true about composition? (Points : 2)
 Composition only includes associations; it excludes aggregations.
 Associations and aggregations are types of composition.
 A system should be highly dependable.
 Only inheritance can be represented using UML; composition cannot be represented using UML.

8. (TCO 4) _____ is the least secure member access specifier. (Points : 2)

9. (TCO 4) _____ is based on the principle that knowledge of a general category can be applied to more specific objects. (Points : 2)
 Information hiding

10. (TCO 6) Which of the following is/are benefits of using inheritance? (Points : 2)
 Smaller chance of errors
 Ease of use for users of class
 Time saving
 All of the above

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Composition represents what kind of relationship

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