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  • Develop a program to meet the following requirements
Develop a program to meet the following requirements:

1. Must use at least two functions, not including Main

2. Must use indirection (the * operator)

3. Must use a loop

4. Must use an array to hold the integers

5. Must take the integer inputs from a file

Your assignment is to take ten integers as input from a file, store them in an array and then:

1. output the largest 

2. calculate the average value of all ten integers, output as float

3. output the contents of your array of integers in order, first to last

Use the following integers:

318 34 18 87 472 809 70 33 51 719


Use your text editor (the same one you use to input your source code) to create your data file, one integer per line.

You can either read the file until you hit EOF, or just read 10 integers

Hint: If you read to EOF, you will need to use a loop with the EOF function to prevent reading past the end of file (a fatal error)

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Develop a program to meet the following requirements

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