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  • C File Processing
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Chapter 11: C File Processing
o Exercises 11.5 & 11.6 on pgs 448 & 449 
Please read all instructions carefully, type up your answers in a Word or text document file, and submit following the instructions below. 
11.5 Fill in the blanks in each of the following: 
a) Computers store large amounts of data on secondary storage devices as   
b) A( n)   is composed of several fields. 
c) A field that may contain digits, letters and blanks is called a( n)   field. 
d) To facilitate the retrieval of specific records from a file, one field in each record is chosen as a( n)  . 
e) Most information stored in computer systems is stored in   files. 
f) A group of related characters that conveys meaning is called a( n)  ..
g) The file pointers for the three files that are opened automatically when program execution begins are named  ,   and  
 h) Function   writes a character to a specified file.
 i) Function   writes a line to a specified file.
 j) Function  . is generally used to write data to a random- access file. 
k) Function   repositions the file position pointer to the beginning of the file.

11.6 State which of the following are true and which are false. If false, explain why. 
a) The impressive functions performed by computers essentially involve the manipulation of zeros and ones.  
b) People prefer to manipulate bits instead of characters and fields because bits are more compact.  
c) People specify programs and data items as characters; computers then manipulate and process these characters as groups of zeros and ones.  
d) A person’s zip code is an example of a numeric field.  
 e) A person’s street address is generally considered to be an alphabetic field in computer applications.  
 f) Data items processed by a computer form a data hierarchy in which data items become larger and more complex as we progress from fields to characters to bits etc.   
g) A record key identifies a record as belonging to a particular field.   
h) Most companies store their information in a single file to facilitate computer processing.  
i) Files are always referred to by name in C programs.  
j) When a program creates a file, the file is automatically retained by the computer for future reference.  

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C File Processing

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