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  • Assignment: Vowel Counter and String Processing
Assignment: Vowel Counter and String Processing

Write a C program that reads three strings entered by the user, one at a time. Next:

1. Capitalize each string to form a new string, which is printed. Print each capitalized string next to the original string.

2. Concatenate all the original strings and print as single string.

3. Print the vowels of each string.

4. Concatenate the capitalized vowels of the three strings and print this new string.

5. Finally, print the total number of vowels encountered (in all three strings). E.g. if string1 had 2 vowels, string2 had 4 vowels and string3 had 1 vowel, the total to be printed is 7.

All program code must be compiling, working and properly commented to indicate the approach taken to the problem.

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Assignment: Vowel Counter and String Processing

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